Team Wealleans Marketing Pack

Graymont and Team Wealleans wished to create a dual marketing piece to promote their seasonal product and service respectively.  With a joint goal to stand out in a competitive market, increase demand and educate their target market about the benefits of utilising the product at the optimum time of year for performance.

Together we researched and found that clothing was universally popular to their target market and that there is a perceived value to the “5 Piece Clothing Pack’s” that are offered by large commercial apparel suppliers that also allowed for good brand presence on the packaging.

From here we curated a list of items we saw the market most commonly wearing that they would get effective use of and that meet the budget requirements. We incorporated both brands’ elements in the garments, fabrics, tags, labels and packaging.  

These packs have been so well received we are currently manufacturing the fifth version of the marketing pack; each pack has contained different items and different packaging to make it unique and fresh.

A great example of product development and execution, that showcases the full service of GearUp.